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LadyM - The Welders

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Joe’s Movement Emporium


Based on interviews with DC women about their attitudes toward menstruation, this ensemble-devised piece is part incantation, part mystery, part interactive comedy show. LadyM and her three witches make a potion, cast a spell, and send audiences down a rabbit hole of poetry, horror, ambition, and blood.

LadyM pits the poetic and absurdist lives of the modern, menstruating woman against the themes, characters, and language in Shakespeares Macbeth to explore blood, ambition, sorcery as power, and violence. Delving into the deep, dark, and bloody traditions of womens stigmatized bodies, we push these difficult issues through the lens of grotesque comedy in this highly stylized, absurdist, and radical feminist bloodbath.


  • Rachel Hynes

  • Francesca Chilcote 

  • Anastasia Wilson

  • Vanita Kalra

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Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven - Rorschach Theatre
to May 19

Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven - Rorschach Theatre


By Reina Hardy
April 19, 2019 – May 19, 2019
Atlas Performing Arts Center 

“You are important to the universe.
it needs you, almost as much as you need it.

Annie Jump, a small-town teen and science genius, comes face to face with her worst nightmare: a popular girl. When she learns that this girl with great hair might be an intergalactic super computer tasked with bringing humanity to the stars, she must decide what is worth sacrificing to fulfill her destiny. Reina Hardy’s (Glassheart) play for all audiences is about finding your place in the universe and intelligent life in your neighborhood.

Sponsored in part by Beverly & Chris With

FEATURING Zach Brewster-Geisz, Vanessa Chapoy, Robin Covington *, Aron Spellane, and Emily Whitworth
DESIGNED BY Julie Cray Leong (Costumes), Katie McCreary* (Lighting), Veronica J. Lancaster * (Sound), Alex Wade (Props), and Matt Wolfe (Set).
WITH Gordon Nimmo-Smith * (Production Manager), Linz Moore * (Stage Manager), Elliot Shugoll (Master Electrician), and Jonelle Walker * (Associate Producer)
PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick

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BEEP BEEP - Arts on the Horizon
to Mar 23

BEEP BEEP - Arts on the Horizon

Written and Directed by Rex Daugherty

Best for children ages 2-5 and their families

On a warm spring day, the friendly tune of the ice cream truck might be just what you need. But when one particular ice cream truck starts to fall apart, the drivers have to fix it before everything starts to melt! Will our friends find a way out of this sticky situation? This highly physical comedy features live percussion music and plenty of zany shenanigans. Come help us figure out how to fix up this ice cream truck where nothing goes right!  

The Lab at Convergence
1819 N. Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302

March 7-23, 2019
Tickets are $10

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